In response to the dire need of the expatriate community to learn the Arabic language, the Cultural Exchange Center in Jeddah is proud to announce the beginning of the “Arabic for non-Arabs” language Program.

Our students have a wide variety of reasons for wanting to learn Arabic: for work, travel or trade, or purely for the challenge of studying such a rich and varied language. If you choose to learn Arabic with our Arabic Program at our center in Jeddah, you’ll be studying one of the six official languages of the UN, spoken by 220 million people living in 22 Arab countries.

Our approach is to immerse you in the Arabic language from the very first day. We use an interactive method and you will be expected to participate in classroom activity through the use of spoken Arabic, however limited that might be at the beginning.
The emphasis is on the practical aspects of the language, and the aim at each level is to enable you to acquire understanding of, and familiarity with, grammatical structures and to build vocabulary in a communicative context in class, to be reinforced through self-study and homework assignments.


Our language classes are designed to:
Provide an introduction for new students interested in learning Arabic at any level.
Refresh those with a past knowledge of the Arabic language who may be traveling abroad or wish to brush up on their skills.
Allow those who have taken classes previously to continue their studies

        1st stage:  (5 Levels) Beginners, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
        2nd stage: (4 Levels) Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8
        Advance stage or Specialized Stage: (4 Levels) Level 9, Level 10, Level 11, Level 12
        Specialized Program in fields such as diplomacy, medicine, media, trade, business administration, banking and university studies.

    The Arabic for non-Arabs course is an excellent choice if you want to learn to read and write Arabic as it is found in newspapers and on TV across the Middle East. With Modern Standard Arabic, you’ll be understood by educated Arabs throughout the Middle East. These Program also introduce written script, invaluable for daily activities such as shopping and using public transport.

    The teaching format in the Arabic language classes emphasizes oral recitation at the beginning of each class to ensure comprehension, and verify that the material has been mastered before moving on.

    Program Features:
    1. Classes will be structured into a 2.5 hour sessions with a 15 minute break.
    Classes will be taught at a moderate pace, with new concepts introduced at a pace conducive to learning, allowing students time to familiarize with the concepts and establish a stronger base in grammar.

    2. Clear expectations will be communicated at the beginning of each semester (course format, syllabus, books, class hours, expected outcomes etc.)

    3. Students will be given assignments to supplement class room learning. Typically this would include: 1) Determining various grammatical states for a verb.2) Reviving portions of text, deciphering meanings of words, grammatical analysis of sentence structures.

    4. Online aids to provide additional support.
    Each level is 50 Hours in total (except for preliminary level which is 30 hours, 2.5 hours per session and three sessions a week. Certificate will be issued upon completion of each level.


       Download detailed Brochure


The Jeddah Cultural Exchange Company is your gateway to Saudi Arabia's cultural diversity. With its non-conventional methods and through its unique approach, the Cultural Exchange Center fosters access to and participation in Saudi Arabia's cultural heritage.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear about your experience and are happy to answer any questions.

Address : 3787 Al Fadl St from Arafat، Jeddah 21491 , Saudi Arabia

Hotline : +96626637191

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